Mental Wellness is Non-Negotiable

I was burnt out and depressed when I started saying “Hey Me First” as a mantra. It was a constant reminder to show up for myself. 

After months of research, I developed a home essentials company with products formulated for your mental wellness that can be used every day as a way to support your needs, named after the mantra that STILL keeps me centered on my hardest days. 

Erin Nae, CEO & Founder

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    Listen!!! When I say you did your thang on this candle! This is the best candle i have ever smelled! I literally felt my vibe and energy open up with this lit. I am definitely a fan!

    -Rochelle, Soften Up

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    Soften up is my favorite for winding down, and Clear The Air is my favorite for after i've cleaned up my house! They're beautiful.

    -Lindsey R.

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    SOME NERVE YOU HAVE making a scent this nice!!!!!

    -Kyle S., Soften Up

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    This candle smells so good smh it don't make no sense!

    -Ché, Soften Up

  • Formulated To Support Mood

  • Clean, Non-Toxic Ingredients

  • Reusable Vessels